Imagine what life was like working in the logging camps of northern Wisconsin in the early 1900s. The work was hard and dangerous, and the days were long. Loggers like Fred might make $2.00 per week for a family of 11. Yet for all they had to endure, some loggers wouldn’t have traded the serenity and beauty of the woods for anything.

While life may be different now, it’s no less hectic. For many, the slower pace of life in the North Woods is a welcome escape. Nothing beats kicking back and taking in nature’s masterpiece after a long, busy day. After all, those moments are rare.

Slow down and celebrate life with this golden pale ale that has a light citrus aroma.

Enjoy a good beer with a little bite.

IBU 45
Malt Pale, Crystal 45
Hops Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook