Do you make a really good beer? Do your close friends enjoy the beer you make? Do you dream of the beer you designed being served in your favorite bar, restaurant, or liquor store? Have you ever wanted to brew beer on a large scale?

Here is your opportunity! Brewster Bros Brewing Co is holding a home brew contest, with the winning beer being brewed as a limited-release collaboration beer. The collaboration will include your participation in scaling up, brewing, naming and labeling the beer. The beer will be brewed in the spring of 2018. There will also be prizes for second and third place.

The contest will be held Sunday, January 28th at Brewster Bros Brewing Co in Chippewa Falls, WI. The beer will be judged by the Brewster Bros team.
Contest Guidelines:
• Maximum of 6.5% ABV
• Ale Yeast
• Target a beer that goes well with late spring and summer enjoyment
• No Sour Beers

Note: Brewster Bros will make their house yeast available to you if you wish to use it.

Please contact Brewster Bros Brewing at to register your participation (no cost to participate). Type “Register My Beer!” in the Subject line of the email. Also be sure to include your name in the email. On contest day, bring 36 oz of beer, the beer recipe, and tasting notes. It will be a blind judging process with the Brewster Bros Brewing team determining the contest winners.